The Johns Manville Retirees Association (JMRA) is a Colorado nonprofit corporation dedicated to the protection, preservation and improvement of retiree benefits for approximately 2500 dues paying members.  It was founded in 1992 and is located in Littleton, Colorado.  JMRA is not an official Johns Manville company organization.  JMRA is a private organization which is not affiliated with or sponsored by Johns Manville Corporation or its subsidiaries.

Members are retired salaried employees of Johns Manville, its subsidiaries and predecessors, as well as spouses of deceased retirees who receive or are eligible to receive retiree benefits.

JMRA is guided by 11 directors, including four officers.  The association also has 18 regional representatives across the country, from Sacramento, CA to Marco Island, FL.  Directors are nominated by an independent committee and elected by the members.   JMRA maintains regular and frequent face-to-face contact with Johns Manville executives, provides input for Johns Manville in the event the corporation is considering actions which may have an effect on retiree benefits, and is prepared to take appropriate action in the event of corporate decisions which could be detrimental to the preservation of retiree benefits.  JMRA maintains contact with its members through distribution of a timely newsletter, usually four times a year.

Information  about membership in JMRA can be obtained by using our web form at , or writing to Johns Manville Retirees Association, PO Box 3336, Centennial, Colorado 80161-3336, or by email to