Who Are We?

The Johns Manville Retirees Association (JMRA) is a Colorado nonprofit corporation dedicated to the protection, preservation and improvement of retiree benefits for approximately 2500 dues paying members.  It was founded in 1992 and is located in Littleton, Colorado.  JMRA is not an official Johns Manville company organization.  JMRA is a private organization that is not affiliated with or sponsored by Johns Manville Corporation or its subsidiaries.

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Johns Manville Retirees Association

Please join us in our efforts to protect, preserve and improve our retiree benefits! Our funding depends entirely on our members’ dues (currently at $20.00) collected in odd-numbered years. Please send a check with your request for membership.

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Johns Manville Retirees Association
PO Box 3336
Littleton, Colorado 80161-3336